Saturday, January 28, 2017

Conduits of Conviction

Acts 1:8
“...and you will receive power when the Holy Ghost has come upon you to be my witnesses…”

Contrary to the lies of secular humanism, God is not a distant God. He has made His presence known to mankind and has been involved in their lives since the creation of the world. Before the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, God walked and talked with Adam face to face daily. In Exodus, he appeared and spoke to Moses in a burning bush. The Lord manifested himself as a pillar of fire and a cloud in the wilderness, and He was in the flames with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. In fact, God created man to be a vessel of His presence and then breathed that presence into man and brought Adam to life. It was sin that drove God’s presence and power from us.

When Adam sinned the privilege of God’s presence was taken from us. The very breath of God, the power of God, the gift of eternal life forfeited by Adam’s sin. But God promised man that one day that privilege would be restored. Ezekiel prophesied that one day the winds would blow and give life back to dry bones. Then God robed himself in flesh and dwelt among us, His name is Jesus. He came and he died willingly, but He rose from the dead and destroyed the power of sin and death. For all that repent, and are baptized in Jesus’ name, He gave the gift of His presence and His power. For all those who believe on His name, he gave the right to be called the sons of God. To everyone who would receive and obey, He baptizes in the Holy Ghost and lives in them, giving them the power over sin and death.

There are only two spiritual powers in the earth: The Power of God, and the power of the devil.  There is nothing in between.  We are in a struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, love and hate.  The Word of God makes it very clear that a person cannot serve two masters.  You are either in God’s Kingdom or you are in the devil’s kingdom, there is no middle ground.  You cannot claim you live in Gods kingdom and derive your pleasure and your enjoyment from the devil’s. (I Corinthians 10:21; I John 1:6; Ephesians 5:11)

As a child of God, you have a divine call on your life: First, you are called to be the “salt of the earth.” Salt has healing properties, it preserves, it seasons, and it creates a thirst.  The manifestation of The Holy Spirit in you, causes your life to be a conduit of healing and comfort, a seasoning and preserving influence, and it makes your life exciting and joyous.

Second, you are called to be the “Light of the world.” The Holy Spirit causes your life to be a beacon in the night. Through the power of the Holy Ghost your life, your words, your attitude, become a light to those who are in darkness. Now is not the time for indifference! Now is not the time to stand by and watch as the enemy of God destroys the lives of people all around you!

The enemy’s best friend is the lukewarm Christian, they’re a false representation of Jesus, and they drive people away from Christ rather than draw them to him. Why? Because God’s presence cannot dwell with sin. Just as with Adam in the garden, unrepentant sinfulness drives His presence from our lives. Without His presence, we cannot be salt and light. Without the Holy Ghost, we do not have the power to be His witnesses. There is nothing Satan desires more than to see the power of God stripped from His children. Nothing excites the devil more than seeing God’s people perverted in the pursuit of the flesh, and clothed in an attitude of indifference.

On the contrary, however; there is nothing that the devil fears more than to see God’s people filled with the Holy Ghost and on fire for Jesus. God wants to set your life on fire! He wants to fill you with power to be His witnesses! He wants to send you into fields that are ripe for harvest, as a conduit of His power, and to demonstrate through your testimony that He can set the captive free and destroy the chains of resentment, addiction, perversion, and hate. God wants you to become a conduit of conviction to those whose lives have been destroyed by the corruption of this world, as you live a holy life and, through the power of the Holy Ghost, become an example of His redeeming power that drives the heart of men into His presence. The Holy Ghost gives us the power to be a testimony of God’s transforming power and a living example of how His love sets men free.

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  1. Sometimes we confuse that power as being just another good day.....😕