Saturday, April 8, 2017

If You Want It, Here It Is, Come And Get It

ZECHARIAH 10:1-10 (I encourage you to read this passage)

I must admit that sometimes God speaks things to me that seem like nonsense to my natural mind, they seem out of order. This passage in Zechariah, at first glance is one of those things. Why would you need to ask for rain, when it's raining? That doesn't make any sense at all. That’s like walking outside and standing in the pouring rain and looking up to the sky and saying: I sure wish it would rain.

But the truth is: This is a spiritual rain and what God is saying to us is, there are seasons of visitation, there are times of refreshing, there are times when He will manifest His presence, His power, and His glory to His people, but only those that asked for the rain, only those that desire to be touched by His presence, filled with His power, and blessed by His glory will be baptized by the rain.

In a spiritual sense, you don't get wet just because it's raining, you must put a demand on God, you must let God know that you need the rain, and that you want the rain, and that you will not be satisfied without the rain. You must position yourself to receive the rain: It doesn't matter what God is doing, if you are out of position you will miss it.

Attitude has a lot to do with positioning, because in a spiritual sense your attitude determines your position. If God is manifesting His presence, His power is being manifested, and His glory is filling the atmosphere, but your attitude says, ‘I don't like these songs, or I don't like that sermon, or I can't wait till service is over so I can go eat,’ your body may be in the right place, but your spirit is not in the place it needs to be to receive the rain – there may be a river of rain all around you, but not a drop will land on your spirit.

The bible says: Repent then times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord (ACTS 3:19).

I want to tell you something: I love God’s people with all of my heart, and I want as many people to read and be touched by this blog as possible, but God didn't place the burden for this ministry on me to make friends, to feel good about comments, likes, and shares, and tickle your ears – I am obeying the divine plan of God to push you, to empower you, and to help position you to receive all that God has for you, so that you can walk in His anointing and power. And that means sometimes you'll get uncomfortable, because growth means stretching, and growth means change, and if my messages never challenges you, then I'm wasting my time.

But I believe in the power of God’s Word, and I believe that if my messages line up with the Word, the blessings of God come like rain.

We're entering a season of divine prosperity: There has been a major shift in the Spiritual climate. A major part of the prophetic ministry is knowing where we are at in the spirit so we can position ourselves for what is coming next, it's a spiritual radar system. In Mississippi, we often hear the radio or TV telling us that radar had detected a major thunderstorm heading our way: with the potential of producing strong winds, large hail, dangerous lightning, and heavy amounts of rain. This is to help us prepare for what is coming: in other words, so we can get out of the way.

But in the spiritual realm, the advance notification is to prepare us for what is coming so we will be directly in the path of what’s coming and so that nothing will get in the way of the rain soaking our lives. That means you need to get rid of anything that would get between you and the rain: resentment, self- pity, un-forgiveness, anger, jealousy, lust, deception, pride, stubborness, rebellion, and gossiping.

I'm bring this message to you today, not just as writer, but as a prophetic voice and I’m telling you, the rain is coming! This is just a window of time, and we must seize the day! We must become more spiritually aggressive than we have ever been. We must be more committed to obey to His Word, we must pray more aggressively, worship more aggressively, and give more aggressively.

The world: does not understand what is happening: they are dumbfounded the liberals are scratching their heads and are extremely angry. It is the God of heaven answering the prayers of His people and giving us one more chance to bring in the harvest before night falls. Jesus said: 'We must work while it is day for the night cometh when no man can work (John 9:4).'

In our text, God does two things he reinforces his love and his commitment to his people: He says he will bless his people, He will restore them, He says they will become like Mighty Warriors who tread down their enemies in the street. He says Joy will be restored to them. He says this Joy will be so great and so impacting that their children will see it and be glad and rejoice in the Lord. And He says where they had suffered loss increase shall return. He says he will make His people like His Royal horse that He rides in battle.

This all comes under the category of the Rain, the refreshing, and the blessing.

But the second thing God does is He rebukes the false prophets and the false Shepherds that lied and deceived His people. He says His anger is kindled against them and He will punish them.
So, I'm going to prophesy to you that in this great season of the rain of God's blessings and divine prosperity, at the same time there is going to be some judgment coming on these false prophets and false Shepherds that preach and prophesy for money and only say what the people want to hear.

And there's one more thing that God said in our text that He was going to deal with, the goats. The goats are the rebellious, goats are those who cannot be led, they refuse to be led, they ignore instruction, goats are those who refuse instruction and they oppose the truth. When you oppose the truth, or resist truth, you are not opposing or resisting a message or a concept, Jesus is the truth (John 14:6), and the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Truth.

Jesus said my sheep know my voice and a stranger they will not follow. So, this rain is bringing blessing and judgment. I don't know if you've recognized the polarization that's been happening in our nation but it's not all bad, because the Holy Spirit has been drawing a line through the body of Christ, and what we see in the natural is just mirroring what is taking place in the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit is drawing a line separating the good from the evil, the true from the false and the Holy from the profane.

Those who hold to the standard of Truth and righteousness and Holiness are going to be showered with unspeakable blessings, but those who forsake the truth are going to experience judgement. I don’t speak this lightly, because I don’t consider myself a prophet, but I am speaking today as a prophetic voice to declare a new season of visitation for the body of Christ. The atmosphere has shifted, the heavens are pregnant with rain!

But I close with this word, if you want it, you must ask for it!

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