Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Time To Put The Fire To Some Flesh

  I Kings 18:21-39

What I am about to say may be a very bold statement, but I believe in my spirit that it is a statement of fact.  There has never been a time on the history of the Church where there has been a greater need for the men and women of God to take a stand and to boldly speak up for righteousness.  Our country needs a voice like Elijah’s to champion the call to righteousness and holiness.

There was a time, not that awful long ago, that you could walk into any Pentecostal church in America and hear the unadulterated Word of God being proclaimed in the power of the Holy Ghost and witness conviction over sin, souls being saved, devils being cast out, and bondages being broken.  But today in many of our churches, sadly, there is a watered down bless me message that has no power to convict the heart, a message that does not condemn sin, one that has no power to heal the sick, and a message that cannot set the captive free.

The voice of God is calling, is there a Man?  Is there a Woman?  Is there anyone left in My House that cannot be bought?  Is there a faithful servant among my people who will not be intimidated by politicians, or manipulated by public opinion, is there someone who will speak ‘thus saith the Lord.’  Is there someone, anyone left who will stand on the mountain and face off with a backslidden Leadership, false teachers and prophets, and a nation that has accepted a polluted religion that mixes the worship of ‘self’ with the worship of God.

Elijah knew it back then and the truth remains today, there is only one thing that can destroy this polluted mixture of religion and worship and turn this nation back to God: We must experience the fire of God.  The only thing that stop this invasion of secular humanism, fascination with the occult, the unholy mixture of Christianity and Islam, and stop our nation’s decline into utter depravity is to have an old fashion visitation of the Fire of God.

The church desperately needs to catch Fire again.  The the cry and the prayer of God's people, of the church, must be Lord, “send the fire again!”

The first place the fire must fall is on our pulpits:

There are people standing behind the pulpits in many churches today who are bound by pornography, social drinking and gambling. Mainline denominations are ordaining homosexuals and lesbians to preach the gospel.  Many preachers have fallen into the prosperity trap and they are money driven, they live loose and worldly lives.  They don’t fast, they don’t pray, they don’t seek God, they have no relationship with God, They have become pulpit celebrities who are more concerned with selling books than saving souls.

Lord send the Fire to our Pulpits!

The second place that the fire must fall is in the pews:

Sin has found a comfortable home in many churches today, few Christians really pray anymore or study the Word of God. Ball games, track meets, concerts, recreation, going to the lake, or back yard barbeques have all taken the place of closet time with Jesus.  Believers have found a soft comfortable spot on the pew, but have hearts that are hard, lukewarm, they’ve lost their first love, their passion for God has died, and they are simply going through the motions.  They still know when to shout, when to cry, and when to clap, but there’s no fire, there’s no power, and there’s no anointing.

Lord send the Fire to our Pews!

Finally, the fire of God must Fall in our homes:

Many Christians today have developed an unholy appetite for entertainment that is vile and ungodly. It is debas, sensual, worldly, filled with lust and deception, homosexuality and lesbianism, and because it is funny they swallow it down.  The devil believes that if he wraps his poison in humor that Christians will swallow it because it’s funny and apparently he is right.  The fire of God needs to fall and purify our lives until we won’t receive anything vile, unholy, or impure.

David Said: Psalms 101:3 – “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.”

We need the fire of God to fall on our internet and burn up everything that shouldn’t be there.
We need the fire of God to fall on our cell phones.
We need the fire of God to fall on our music.
We need the fire our God to fall on our wardrobes.
We need to fire of God to fall on our hearts and minds.

Could you honestly invite Jesus to watch what you watch and listen to what you listen to?  How much impurity, how much sin are you making allowance for? How tolerant have you become to the vile and the unclean?

What are your kids watching and listening to?  Do your children hear Daddy and Momma praying in the Home?  Do your children ever hear you worship God"  Do your children ever see you reading your bible?  Is your house a house of Prayer?

There is only one answer for us: We need the Fire of God

Lord the the fire of God fall on our homes!

They make fun of us and call us holy rollers and they say it is all emotionalism.  Yes there is some emotionalism involved, because the fire of God touches every part of your being: spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  The Fire of God is our heritage.  It is not an unwillingness on Gods part that keeps the fire from falling, it is a lukewarm, indifferent, and tolerant attitude for the spirit of worldliness on our part that holds back the fire.

Matthew 24:12 – “Because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.”

When we get sick of this worldliness, and we get hungry for God and begin to cry out to God, heaven will respond as it always has and God will answer us by Fire!

If we want the Fire there must be:

1.  An Altar: There must be prayer, there must be hunger for God, and there must be fellowship with God.

2. A Sacrifice: “I beseech ye therefore brethren that you present your bodies a (living sacrifice) holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service.”  Romans 12:1

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  1. I pretty much gotta agree with this! Guess I'm more blessed than some cause my Pastor will Preach what God tells him to Preach. Not what man tells him. While he don't deliberately step on toes with his message,he say's when God tells him to Preach it he has to Preach it.